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Importing Observing Lists for iOS

Another way to import observing lists into SkySafari 4 iOS

First, I am using the default iOS email app, but it isn’t necessary. Between reading the SkySafari help doc and the iTunes help doc I found another way.

Connect the iPad to the computer.

Select the “device” icon in the top-left of iTunes.

Select “Apps” (just below “Summary”) on the left hand edge.

Scroll WAY DOWN to the “File Sharing” section and select SkySafari.

Click on the ADD button,

browse for the .skyline file on your computer,

and click select (open?) to transfer that iMac file on the iPad.

Click on SYNC.

Unload the iPad.

Start the SkySafari app.

Touch the SEARCH icon at the bottom.

Scroll WAY DOWN and you will see the AL_Double_Star_List under “Custom Observing Lists.”

Hope this procedure helps the next guy.

Thanks again for all your help,



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    For some reason Mac OS X adds a .txt to the file name. It's best to remove it, leaving .skylist as the file type suffix. The SYNC operation does not transfer any file except those with a .skylist suffix, as far as I can tell.

    If you have a file in the iTunes "SkySafari Pro Documents" list, select it and hit the delete key; confirm when the popup asks you. Remove the .txt from your on-iMac file name and go through the transfer process again. Check the on-iPad "Custom Observing Lists" to be sure the file is available.

    This is a terrific feature if you're into the observing awards programs, as I am, from the Astronomical League. I look forward to a similar feature addition to Starry Night. Maybe it will let me advance the day/time to when I expect to observe and present me with a sky that has all the objects that I still need highlighted with their names so I can just print out the page and take it with me!

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