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How to find the app on my phone

I just purchased the sky safari level 4 and can't find it on my phone.  Where would the app be?


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    Ed Hubble

    I realize thst this is an old question, but I thought I'd answer it anyway just in case someone in the future has the same question.

    Apps are placed in the first blank spot available.  So, if your home screen is filled with icons, and the 2nd page has a few openings, it will land there.  On my iPhone, the first four or five screens are filled with apps and so any new download ends up on the final page-- or, if for some reason one of the earlier screens has a blank slot at its end, it ends up there.

    By holding down an icon, you can induce the infamous iOS jiggle -- all the apps jiggling with tiny x's on them in the upper right (for delete).  However, if you tap at the center of the icon and hold, you can drag the app to a different place and even a different screen.  Just be careful as it can then push apps from that page (if filled) onto the next one.  

    This may not be entirely clear to you, but once you do it a couple of times, you'll see exactly how it works,

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    Will Marchant

    Hi Ed:

    If you drag a "jiggling" app on top of another one it will let you create a folder.  You can then drag other apps into the folder as well.  You can name the folders, as well.  So I have one with astronomy tools, one with weather, one with ham radio, etc.  I find this much more convenient than having a large number of pages and organizing apps by page.  YMMV.

    Best wishes,


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    Ed Hubble

    Will, absolutely!  I didn't want to overwhelm the answer with this additional tip, but I see now that it would have been good to have added!

    I have all sorts of folders on my i-devices, including several on my dedicated astronomy page:  Moon, Planets, Satellites, Star Charts...  I keep the apast I use most often on the outside of the folders on that page, but the extras that I use from time to time go in their appropriate folder!  

    I have 47 astronomy apps in total!

    Thanks for adding this important extra pointer!

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