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Missing Toolbar

Turned my toolbar off.  Now can't turn it back on ... cause there is no toolbar.  So, I can do nothing at all except look at the last setting.

Anybody know how to find a missing toolbar?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi David, 

    The toolbar is off in landscape mode.  Turn the device into portrait mode.


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    Ed Hubble

    Agree with Keiron!  

    You can also set things up so that the on Toolbar always shows in landscape mode.  Rorate  back to portrait mode, and go into Settings, select Appearance and Behavior, and turn on  the setting there for "Toolbar in Landscape".  

    That will give you the toolbar when in landscape.  However, you may eventuslly, as I do, prefer the landscape view without the toolbar -- it looks more like the night sky and gives you more room that the toolbar would otherwise take up.  

    But it depends as well upon what you are doing -- sometimes you may want to use, say, the Time controls when in landscape, so turning that setting back on gives you back the controls.

    As always, you can count on Bill and Tim to provide.  I've found that if I think there must be a way to do something in Sky Safari, there usually is!  And, when there's not, they will listen to your dilemma or suggestion and it can even show up in future iterations of the app.

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