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How To Create A View Of The Planets Orbiting The Sun? (Answer: Read On!)

Hello, I have Sky Safari 7 Pro with a yearly Premium subscription. I can’t figure out how to set my location so I can see all the planets of our solar system orbiting around the sun in real or near-real time. Am I missing something? I’d love an explanation on how to do this; hoping it’s still possible as I’ve done it with a prior version. Thank you all 👍 Dinos


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    Here’s how I do it:
    Select the sun.
    From the selection menu, choose “Orbit Object”.
    Make sure “Display Zoom Buttons” is activated in the “Appearance & Behavior” settings.
    Pinch zoom will magnify the image, while the zoom buttons will move you closer to or farther from the sun.
    Touch and drag the screen to change the perspective.
    Tap the globe icon to return to Earth based view.

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    Dean - thank you so very much. So simple and I overlooked it. Appreciate you taking the time to reply & answer my question!

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