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How To Connect SS7 Pro + SkyWatcher EQ6R + SynScan App + Alpaca? (User Needs Community Help)

Dear All,

I'm trying to control my SW EQ6R thru SynScan Pro App connected by a USB/RJ45 cable and it connects and control the telescope with no problems. But, I'm unable to connect SkySafary to telescope (SynScan Pro App) via an Alpaca.

I have tried with IP and Port 11881 as well as 11882, but nothing.

Any suggestions please???


Thank you very much in advance,

Juan Carlos


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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide the following info:

    1. SkySafari app and version.  See Help > Scroll to the bottom
    2. OS
    3. Mobile device make and model
    4. Screenshot of error message
    5. Screenshot of SkySafari Telescope Preset panels
    6. Photos and explanation of entire setup.
    7. Etc.

    You need to provide sufficient details that anyone who can help is not missing any important information.


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    Keiron Smith

    Please also attach a telescope log file.  Thanks!

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