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Incorrect Time and Object Altitude/Azimuth

I've been using Sky Safari Pro 6 (version for a few years without issue, until now.  After I recently updated my Apple iphone IOS to version 17.4.1, I noticed that the time (set to current) in Sky Safari Pro is 1 hour behind, and all objects azimuth and altitude are way off (about half the sky away).  All "Location" data in settings is correct.  I put the time on EST instead of EDT which corrected the current time, but it should be EDT.  Is there a fix for all of this besides buying the latest version of Sky Safari Pro??


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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide the following:

    1. Your location
    2. How you entered your location
    3. Screenshot(s) of your location in the Settings > Location 
    4. Skyset file for your location (share with Dropbox or similar)


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    Dave Valko

    I live in PA USA.  Somehow the longitude was changed from "W" west to "E" east.  That was the problem.  Whether or not it was changed when I updated the iphone IOS, I don't know.  But I have never manually changed the "location" settings since I originally set it up years ago.  In any event, it seems fine now.  Thanks for your help in motivating me to have a closer look at the settings.

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