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SkySafari 6 Pro | Missing Blocks Of Stars In Sagittarius Star Fields

In SFPro 6 I am noting some streaks of blocks of missing stars. I have attached one example of a 1.1 x 2.0 degree field that includes missing blocks of stars that become apparent when I increase the magnitude limit.

I have seen more than one streak of missing stars within the same region in Sagittarius. Its quite obvious in this region, and may be occurring elsewhere, but in not so obvious a fashion. I have the UCAC5 database downloaded and it seems to be functioning correctly otherwise.

I have no idea wether the stars are missing from the underlying dataset or if SkySafari is having some odd problem caching star locations from the star database to speed displaying.

They seem to be located in the same spots on the sky, when I go back and forth from one area of the sky to another, so my guess is that these are blocks of star data that are missing from the star database.

Do the original source datasets have star data holes that are this big?


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