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Command LIne control of SNPP7 in Win 7

I'd like to use some sort of scripting interface to control SNPP7. In particular, I want to :-

1. Instruct SSNP7 to display the sky at particular lat/lon coordinates,

2. Display at a specified date/time, in jumps of 120 seconds,

3. Display at a specified Field of View, and

4. Export the screen to a PNG, stamped with the date/time.

Basically I want a whole series of images of the sky every two minutes during astronomical darkness for 365 days of the year.

Yes, lots and lots of images, but I've got some science to do...

Seacrhing eveals an old AppleScript functionality, but I'm on Windows 7.

This is not necessarily a New Feature Request, but "Can it be done now?" question...


Andrew Cool



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