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Is It Acceptable With The Orion Intelliscope Encoder Values To Uncheck The "Get Automatically" Box? (Answer: Yes)

My setup:

     Orion Intelliscope XT 10i


     Orion 5222 RS-232 cable 

     Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with Android v 5.1.1

     SkySafari 5 Pro for Android v


In an online forum, it was suggested to change both encoder values from +8192 to +9216, and to uncheck the "Get Automatically" box.  I did so, and seemed to have good results.  Do you think that this is the best approach?


Lookin' up,


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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, I seem to recall that the Intelliscope encoders don't respond to the "Get Automatically" command.  What you have done is the correct approach.

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