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Intermittent connection problems with Sky Safari 6 Plus and Alignment

I have a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 and I am able to get the connection to work and alignment with IOS Sky Portal (Sky Safari 5).  When I have tried using Sky Safari 6 Plus I have intermittent problems with connect to the Wi-Fi and the alignment process.  I am using Star Sense to aid me with the alignment.  In my scope settings,  I have Celestron WI-FI checked and I believe that is correct.  This failed last night but I tried to connect today indoors and it worked fine but obviously I am unable to try the alignment again until the evening.

My second question is does when the alignment and calibrate is done, where is this information stored?  I had to un-install Sky Portal a few times and I noticed that it asked me to callibrate again so I believe the information is stored in the app somewhere?  I have the same question for Sky Safari 6 Plus is it stored within the IOS App?.

I am reluctant to delete and not use Sky Portal App until I know that Sky Safari 6 Plus is going to work since that has been my best luck using an Apple Phone or iPAD to control my scope.  Which brings me to my next question.  Do I have to peform and alignment and calibrate on my other Apple device too if I want to control the scope with my Ipad?






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    Bill Tschumy


    There should be no difference between SkyPortal and SkySafari with respect to the Wi-Fi stability.  Yes, you do want to be using Celestron Wi-Fi as the scope type in SkySafari.

    When you say you are "using Star Sense to aid me with the alignment", what do you mean.  If you choose "Align Using StarSense" as the the alignment type in SkySafari (or SkyPortal) it should work.  You cannot do a StarSense alignment using the hand controller and have that work.  All alignment must be done in SkySafari (or SkyPortal).

    The alignment info is indeed store in the app.  If you delete the app it will be lost.  This info is *not* synced across devices so you will need to align using each device you use.

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    Conrad Sanders

    I was able to get my scope aligned using the Star Sense Hand Control after I gave up on Sky Safari and because of the cold weather here in Minnesota with the IOS devices not sensing my fingers very well.

    Like I stated, I was finally able to get my scope aligned and calibrated last night using the Sky Portal 5 after a few tries.  So does that mean if I want to try using Sky Safari 6 Plus again that I will have to do another align and calibrate just for that version or will the Sky Portal alignment and calibrate suffice?


    One I get Sky Safari 6 Plus working, my plan is to stop using the Sky Portal 5 program.


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    Bill Tschumy

    No, you will need to do it for SS6 as well.  The two apps do not share the alignment data.

    Also, if you ever do a alignment using the hand controller and then want to start using SkySafari or SkyPortal, you must turn the mound off and on again to clear out the alignment in the HC.  Otherwise the two alignment models will conflict.

    I know this is somewhat confusing but this is how Celestron designed the process.

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