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Starry Night Pro | How To Connect Windows 10 + Celestron Evolution 8SE

I am currently controlling my Celestron Evolution 8 SE with Sky Safari Plus 6 on my Ipad using the built in Wi-Fi. I just upgraded from Starry Night to Starry Night Pro Plus on my Windows 10 PC. Could I control the Telescope from my laptop using Stary Night Pro Plus from my PC and what kind of cabling/hardware would I need to do that? I also have the Celestron Star Sense Controller and camera installed on my Telescope.

Are there any major advantages by using the PC and Starry Night Pro versus over the Ipad besides the ease of a keyboard and a bigger monitor because the programs are kind of similar?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Conrad, 

    To control your Celestron Evolution 8 SE with Starry Night on Windows you will need to install Ascom (this is installed automatically with Starry Night Pro) and a Celestron Ascom driver, which you can get here:

    You want this Celestron driver here:

    Your Celestron Evolution 8SE can only use the "built-in" WiFi using either the free Celestron SkyPortal app or our SkySafari Plus/Pro apps.

    On Windows, you can connect to your Celestron Evolution 8SE using a USB cable, direct from your PC to the scope.  Please see the Evolution User Guide for more info about the USB connection.

    If you want to have a WiFi connection from your Windows PC to your Evolution telescope it is possible if you get one of our SkyFi 3 devices.

    But, since you already have built-in WiFi you probably don't want to buy it again.


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    Keiron Smith

    Regarding Starry Night vs SkySafari they are very similar in some respects and very different in others.  Starry Night is supercharged graphics planetarium, and includes a lot of advanced simulation modelling not available in SkySafari.  You can get a idea for the power of Starry Night by watching this video:

    As you have purchase the upgrade to Pro Plus you will discover in time how it is different from SkySafari.  But, the product page does outline in detail what you are getting:


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    Conrad Sanders

    I hooked up my telescope using the USB to Mini 'B' USB cable to my Nexstar Star Sense Hand controller and I am unable to connect my telescope with Starry Night Pro Plus. I downloaded the Celestron driver from Ascom from the link you provided above.

    I get a message when  I try to connect 'Connect failed, no port defined and no Celestron scope detected'.  The configure tab shows that I have the Celstron Telescope driver configured from the Ascom information tab.  I get this message regardless whether the USB cable is attached to the hand controller or without the PC connected using the USB cable to the hand remote.

    So there must be something else that I have not configured.

    BTW I am not having any issues using Sky Safari from my IPAD or IPhone to control the scope using the built in Wi-Fi adapter on the mount.



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