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Starry Night Pro | Cannot Generate Ephemerides Earlier Than 1600 CE


It's been now 2 years since I bought this software to create ephemerides - and I still cannot create any ephemerides before 1600 CE.

When can I expect to have a feature that is supposed to have been in existence for at least 2 years?




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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi Teresa, 

    Unfortunately, this limitation can not be addressed at this time.  It is not a bug.  Expanding the scope of the ephemerides will require a significant development effort.  We will review this issue when Starry Night becomes the sole focus of development.  But, at this time (2018) the developers are working on SkySafari 6 for iOS/OS X/Android.

    Sorry to disappoint.  And thank you for your patience and understanding.

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    So, it's not a bug that I cannot generate Ephemeris before 1600 AD? Despite having bought a piece of software that says:

    "You’ll always know where and when to look with Starry Night’s built-in ephemeris generator. It’s a handy observational aid that creates a table of positional data for any object over the time span and at the interval you specify." (my highlight)

    and that you can travel in time between 99,999 BC to 99,999 AD.


    I expected it to be a bug, not misleading information when marketing the software.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Teresa,

    Apologies for the misleading marketing information.  I will have that corrected.

    We understand your need to expand the scope of the ephemerides.  We would really like to work towards that goal.  And, when we can we will.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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