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SkySafari 6 Pro | Celestron Nexstar 8SE, Starsense, SkyFi 3 Way Off Target

My problem is that when I do an alignment i get the message I'm too far off target. Why is this happening ? I do not see any option anywhere in skysafari where I can select the starsense alignment procedure as I have been told. If I choose alignment, I have to select an object and it starts to slew but are always way off. 

What am I doing wrong ? I am new to this so please excuse the question if its dumb. 

My equipment

Celestron Nexstar 8SE, Starsense, SkyFi 3, Skysafari 6 Pro 


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    Bill Tschumy

    If you are connecting via SkyFi then you must do your alignment from the hand controller and then connect via SkySafari/SkyFi.  So just do your StarSense alignment as if SkySafari was not involved at all.

    It is only when using Celestron Wi-Fi that you specify the alignment type and do the alignment from within the app.

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    roger renberg

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Let me check this out tonight :) 



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