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SkySafari 6 Pro | How to Edit User Locations

I just upgraded to Safari 6 Pro for MacOS for version 5 and made a few errors in user locations. Unlike in version 5, I cannot figure out how to edit or delete custom user locations. (The method used for version 5 does not work since I cannot see a minus sign in the list.) If it is coding error that will not be fixed for a while, I would like to know where in my user library the custom locations are stored so I can remove any or all user locations manually by 'brute force'.


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    Pete Gladstein

    Go to the Observe Menu and select sites.

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    Richard Henderson

    Thanks for the information, Pete. That worked perfectly.

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    Ellen Papenburg

    And it worked for me too, thanks. But why not have this in the Settings /Locations? Not very intuitive folks.

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