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Capability to Change Font sizes, color sand Menu Bar Color

I am using my Pro 7 plus now and there are a couple of things you all might improve/add—some way to change the menu bar and text colors so they are readable. I’ve tried every pulldown and can’t seem to find anything that would let me change the main menu bar text from black on dark blue to some other lighter color.  Right now anything in that menu bar is invisible except for the horizontal line dingbats marking the location of pulldown menus.  While there are ways to change label/line colors, font sizes, etc. for constellations, planets and other objects there is no way to customize the menus.  Given the resolution of new laptops and monitors, the current menu text appears tiny and almost unreadable (funny but reducing the resolution doesn't increase the menu text sizes). Any suggestion you may have that would help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tom


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