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Celestial Equator

Please reference Starry Night 7.

My view location is roughly LAT/LONG 35 25' 33' N, 116 53' 22" W.

Should the celestial equator be visible on the south meridian @ 54.5 degrees? I thought this was explained by adding LAT to the earth's tilt angle (35+23=58)? Close to Starry night 54.5 degree depiction?

I then moved to various view locations to compare.

North Pole view location sets the celestial equator to 0 degrees.

If I choose view locations on the earth's equator such as Kenya or Indonesia the celestial equator is between 85 and 90 degrees (overhead).

Please explain how the celestial equator angle is calculated.


Thank you.


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    Bruce Klein

    I found a depiction on the web. Thank you for letting me share.

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