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Difficulties in Achieving Communication between Starry Night Pro Plus 7 and Skywatcher AZ EQ6 Gt Mount

My installed copy of SNP Plus 7 on my laptop will not connect to / operate my Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 mount.

I have updated all drivers - ASCOM itself, the Skywatcher ASCOM drivers, and even the firmware on the hand controller (version 4). The laptop was connected to the hand controller via a USB/RS 232 cable plugged into the base of the hand controller which in turn, was connected to the mount.

When I configured the mount under the 'Tools' menus of the ASCOM Diagnostics folder, updated the longitude, latitude and telescope characteristics - e.g FL =1200mm, (APM APO Refractor 152 mm, F7.9), Aperture, Zero central obstruction, etc - and then opened the 'telescope Control' menu in SNP Plus 7, the program prompted me to configure the telescope - even though I had just done that. This happened multiple times and at an Astrocamp the past weekend two of my friends assisted me, but without resolving this issue.

My Skywatcher AZ EQ 6 GT Mount Hand Controller has been firmware updated to version 4 and I have downloaded the Skywatcher ASCOM software from ASCOM, so all drivers are current. 

When I open the telescope control submenu in SNPro Plus 7 and click on  ‘Configure’, I get:

So I click OK and I get this window:

When I click on the empty window next to 'Properties', there is no 'Skywatcher' telescope model listed. 

So I click on ‘Connect’ (on the ‘Telescope Control’ window and it tells me that I have not yet configured my telescope (which I had done earlier using the ASCOM diagnostics tools).

I would be grateful if anyone could assist me with this frustrating problem.




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