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0 | Fails To Launch On iPad iOS 9.3.5

I recently installed Sky Safari 6, set up my account for Live Sky and I cannot launch from the Sky App or from Chrome or Safari. The URL goes from "" to "" when I tap anywhere on the landing page. All that is shown is the Logo in the Upper Left Hand Corner and a useless drop-down arrow in the upper right corner.  Behavior is the same for private/incognito browsing from either browser.  iOS 9.3.5(13G36), iPad 3(MD369LL/A)  SkySafari , VER  Thanks.


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    Bill Tschumy

    I can confirm this.  Looks like an issue with LiveSky and iOS 9.3.5.  We will get on it.

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    Dave Cheeseman

    I’m guessing this is too old to get fixed? It also seems to prevent Sky Safari 6 Pro ( from backing up observations etc. which is a shame as my old iPad that I keep in my observatory is otherwise perfectly usable.

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    Keiron Smith


    Let's see what our LiveSky developer Kyle Hendicks has to say.


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