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Starry Night Pro 8 | Include The ESA Gaia Probe 3D Star Data

Hi guys,

I'm sure many of you will have seen in the news recently that the ESA's Gaia probe has determined 3d position and proper motion data for over a billion stars.  I was wondering if some/all of this data might be included in SN v8?  I really like the 3d positioning feature of stars, so it would be great if this was able to be significantly expanded.  Obviously all 1 billion stars might prove challenging computationally, but if even a small subset of this dataset were to be included, a much larger number of 3d stars than there are currently would be a really great addition I feel!


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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Londoner, for your ideas!  We will discuss this query when we start developing Starry Night V8.  Clear skies!

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    Andrew Patrick Keogh

    I am considering pensioning off Voyager and could be persuaded to purchase SN8 Pro Plus if it also has the Gaia catalogue similar to that in My Sky Safari 7 Pro . Is it available? 

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