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Add SAO Catalogue Numbers To List Of Heads Up Display (HUD) Information Options

Hi guys,

I use a Meade telescope and use Starry Night v7 to plan my observing sessions. 

In the Meade Audiostar handset, it is easy to slew to stars using the SAO catalogue number. 

In Starry Night, the on screen information/HUD that appears when you hover over an object is customisable, but although the HD and HIP star catalogues can be displayed, the SAO numbers are not an option. 

Could SAO catalogue numbers be added to be an option for display on the on screen info/HUD please?  It would save me having to use external data when planning observing sessions, and I'm sure it would benefit a lot of other Starry Night users who also use a Meade Telescope!


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Londoner, 

    We will review this query when developing for Starry Night Version 8.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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