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Samyang safari on both Mac and ipad

Hello, I was wondering if Sky safari would link across devices. I want to star sense align my c925 evolution over WiFi and the use my desktop Mac for goto.


the sky watcher az gti work around , where you need two devices with SkySafari on one connects to the skywatcher app on the other via a ip and port address. Would this work with an iPad and a Mac both using sky safari?




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    Bill Tschumy

    You can check with Celestron, but I don't believe having two devices connected to the same Celestron Wi-Fi module is recommended.  However, I don't believe this could actually hurt anything, so you could give it try.

    We don't know enough about how the SkyWatcher Wi-Fi works to answer your other question.  Again, I'd check with SkyWatcher.


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