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Ski Safari use with an Equatorial Platform

When using a Dobsonian on an Equatorial platform and selecting that as the mount when connecting to Sky Safari how does the software manage the reset process when the platform reaches the end of it's cycle and needs to be reset? I am using the platform with a XX12I and the platform is a single axis non-encoder type but will be placed on the platform with the ground board attached so encoder data will be contiously sending data to sky Safari.
Hope that makes sense.


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    Bill Tschumy

    Note: I have moved this post to "Other Telescopes" rather than "SkySafari - Android".

    I am trying to get an answer to your question.  It is somewhat embarrassing, but neither Tim nor I can remember exactly what you need to do when the equatorial platform reaches the end of its run.  I don't think you need to do a complete re-alignment and you may just need to point to a single star and align on that to re-sync.

    I will keep digging.  

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    Well I have today spent time with an Equatorial platform under my XX12I while connected via Bluetooth to SkySafari running on a Samsung S2 tablet.
    Based upon my limited experience what Sky Safari does when push to with Equatorial Platform is selected as the mount is just assumed that the platform is running correctly and keeps the circle on the target. Since there is no way to reset, that I at least found, when the platform needs to be reset sky Safari doesn't read any encoder change and continues to position on the target.
    It would be nice if a set/reset button was provided and the time of set was noted so that when the reset is hit the software does the math and places the scope in its original (before set button) position.
    Otherwise the use is of very limited value, at least to me.

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