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Powering SkyFi 3 With Step Down Power Converter

I am connecting my SKYFI 3 to an LM2576 dc/dc converter with 12V in and 5.1 volts out and it is rated for 2A continuous duty. The goal is to not ever have to pull the Skyfi 3 off the DOB. When I applied power to the scope the charge light come on.   Turned on the unit and used it for a couple hours about 6 hours after power was applied.  After 24 hours the charge light was dim and blinking, turned the unit on and it functioned properly. Is this a normal behavior. I pulled it off and plugged it into the supplied wall charger and the charge light is on bright.  With the wall plug adapter, the battery charged to full in 24 hours.

I just read another post that was a good idea, just use a car USB charger.  Far simpler than the route I took.  Then maybe the question is can you leave the power supplied all the time.  If the only time the unit is connected to power it is with the "ON" button pressed will it still have enough supply (at 5V and 2 or 3 amps)  to run the unit and charge the battery at the same time?



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