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SkySafari 5/6 + Celestron WiFi Module = Connectivity Delay/UI Lag

Using latest versions of sky safari 5+ and sky safari 6+ on a Celestron CGEM  mount with a Celestron Wi-Fi dongle adapter on latest iOS iPhone 7 Plus.

When  any key is pressed, there is a significant lag between when you touch the screen, and when the button lights up to indicate your input has been accepted. Can vary from five to 60 seconds.   Happens with both five and six versions of sky safari. All other apps and functions on the iPhone working normally with instant feedback. 

 Set up is Celestron Wi-Fi with read out rate set to 3.   App is basically unusable. Any ideas?



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Mark, 

    Is this a new problem in that this setup was working smoothly previously, and only recently started lagging?  Or, have you encountered lag from the start?


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    Bill Tschumy

    Have you tried rebooting the phone?  A lag of 5 to 60 seconds means something is wrong somewhere.  It is either in the phone or the mount.


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