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SkyBT | Meade LX90 8" ACF SCT Connection Fail

I have a SkyBT bluetooth device from;  tried to connect to my New Meade 8" LX90 ACF SCT Telescope via the RS-232 Serial adapter from Store and also from Amazon. I tried all different settings in SkySafari Pro but connection giving error message. THe message says that SkyBT is connected but Telescope is not working along.

When I connect via Bluetooth on my Android is the device called FireFlyBP-EBBA or something else?

I need live help via telephone since all written instructions did not help!


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    Bill Tschumy

    Was the scope star aligned before you tried to connect?  I believe the Meade scope won't talk to us unless star aligned.

    When you try to connect, do you see a change in the flashing lights on the SkyBT?  If there is no change then Skysafari is not finding the SkyBT to talk to.

    Yes, FireFlyBP is the correct device to talk to.

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    Ronald Arif


    I did align the Meade telescope using the #497 Audiostar Hand Controller box, and it said Alignment "Successful".

    Then SkyBT was connected to the Meade #497 AudioStar Controller via the RS-232 port (like a telephone jack) using Meade's 9-Pin DB9 Female Adapter + telephone cord.

    I then turned on the SkyBT device (green light starts blinking every 2 seconds or so) and connected via then Bluetooth feature on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Android to FireFlyBP (No PIN number was asked for).

    On the SkySafari Setup I am only able to connect when selecting the "Demo" Telescope feature, and not the Meade LX80/90 scope. It would give me an error/fail message every time.

    And hence here I am with no progress made even after connecting with Celestron 9-Pin Female adapter.

    I must be missing essential in this process that is causing the error/fail messages to pop up.

    Bill - Can you connect with me via telephone this evening. My mobile number is (806) 336-9265 CST and Landline is (214) 412-3700 CST after 6:00pm CST. I am at work right now and not near the telescope.

    I am in the central time zone. I can also call you if you provide me with your number.

    Ronald Arif

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Ronald, 

    Apologies, your reply was captured in our spam filter.

    How is the Celestron 9-Pin Female adapter being used in this setup?

    Can you successfully connect to and control your scope using any other astronomy software (i.e. Starry Night)?

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Bill Tschumy


    I've been away at the 2018 ALCON conference and just got back today.  Send me an email at and We can try to connect.

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