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Beta-Testing Support For The New iOptron CEM-120 Mount (Now Completed!)

Hi iOptron Users,
We have implemented support for the new iOptron CEM-120 mount, and for other iOptron mounts running firmware that speaks iOptron's new "version 3" protocol.  These mounts have iOptron firmware versions after (greater than) 171001.  At present, we believe that the CEM-60 is the only other iOptron mount with this "version 3" protocol available.  But we understand that iOptron plans to roll out this firmware to other mount models in the future.
Before we officially release support for this new iOptron firmware in SkySafari, we would like to offer a test version to our iOptron customers.  At present we are only offering a test version for SkySafari 6 iOS users. If you have SkySafari 6, and iOS device, an iOptron mount, and would like to test this new feature, please reply here (with your preferred email if it is different from the one used for logging into our support/community forums).  We'll expect to release a TestFlight version with CEM-120 and "v3" iOptron protocol support on Monday, July 16th, 2018.


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