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Questions as I Consider Getting LiveSky Premium

I've looked at the features list of the Basic and Premium versions of LiveSky.  I have SS6Pro on my iPhone and iPad.  I also have the Mac version on my latptop.  It seems to me I have most of the LiveSky Premium (LSP) capabilty given I have the App on my laptop.  I can edit and update all data there and it gets synced to my devices.

Looking at Features List: 

Leader Board and Statistics: LSP only

Next 7 features (Observations- Settings): I think I can do what LSP does given I have SS6P on my Mac too.

Sky Safari Web: I already have the App on Mac so the only advantage here is I could access SS from any computer.

I have the feeling I may be missing something regarding capabilities of LSP.  If I am on track with my assessment, am I in a minority of people who have both the mobile and desktop Apps?  Though I think the price for LSP is reasonable, I can't see paying for capability I mostly already have.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/clarifications anyone can make.





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    Dave Whipps


    One major feature of LiveSky Premium that is not yet included anywhere else is "The Sky This Month" daily calendar of astronomical events. It's a curated list of interesting astronomical events, one for at least each day of the month, including preset files viewable in SkySafari Web as well as downloadable to the Mac and mobile versions.

    LSP also lets you quickly view the "Trending Targets" directly in SkySafari Web, as well as have full control over web views displaying other users shared data.

    We plan on adding other "Premium exclusive" features in the coming months, but those are the major differences from the other clients as they exist right now.

    As you point out, the web application and "large screen"/full-keyboard editing is especially convenient for those with the mobile application, but not a desktop. (Especially, for example, Windows/Linux/ChromeBook users.)

    Hope that helps.

    - Dave


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    That clarifies that for me (mobile and desktop apps), the key capability LSP provides is a growing "TSTM" capability.


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