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How To Set Tracking Rate (Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, Etc.) Using Astro-Physics Mach 1? (Answer: Use The AP Hand Controller, Its Not Possible From SkySafari 6 Pro)

How does one set the tracking rate (Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, etc.) when controlling an Astro-Physics Mach 1 with SkySafari 6 Plus iOS?  Is it automatic to the selected observing target or can it be set independently?  




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    Bill Tschumy

    You can't set the tracking rate from SkySafari.  You must use the AP hand controller for that.

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    Chris Barr

    No hand controller here Bill.  That means dragging out the PC which defeats the whole SkySafari/iOS use case.  It does sound like the mount will retain the last tracking rate setting so a workflow whereby I power up the mount and PC indoors, flip the tracking rate, then power down and head out into the field where I select and slew the target using iOS/SkySafari is somewhat feasible as a solution to flip between sidereal and solar.  Not so much for Sidereal and Lunar.  Disappointing....  Any chance of getting that functionality under iOS/SkySafari?

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    I have a Celestron 8SE and control it with SkySafri 7plus with great results.  I want to use the scope to observe the sun.  I will set the tracking rate to solar with the hand controller.  My question is when I go back to realign the scope with SkySafri do I need to change the tracking rate back with the hand controller first or will it not effect the SkySafari tracking rate? 

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