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SkyFi 3 | How To Reset The SSID & Password

I was going to update my SkyFi firmware and logged into and connected it to my network at it's default SSID SKyFi even though I had changed it to a custom name.  So the first thing I did was change the SSID and password.  I then logged back into the new SkyFi  SSID and connect just fine.  I followed the firmware update procedure found elsewhere on the this site. 

While I was updating the firmware version on my SkyFi III from 1.3.2 to 1.3.4 and after I selected the package I got the count down to 0.  After about 3 minutes, there were no other messages other than the time to reboot 0 seconds and then the browser crashed.  I reopened the browser and tried to connect with the SkyFi SSID but it wouldn't accept my password.

I either typed it in password incorrectly or the firmware update crashed when the browser crashed.  Is there away to reset the password or reset the unit to default since I can't get it to load 10.0.01 page to get access to the SkyFi III to make changes.

I would also suggest that you add a confirm password step to the Wireless section or make the password visible on that page.  I strongly support the confirmation method.



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    Bill Tschumy


    Not sure what happened with your upgrade.  I think that when you upgrade the firmware, it resets all your settings to the default so there should be no password.

    In any case you should be able to reset the device to factory settings (but still retaining the 1.3.4 firmware) by:


    1. Power on SkyFi III and wait 5 seconds for it to initialize.
    2. Press and hold the center button for 5 seconds. The data LED (4, Fig. 1) will begin to flash slowly. When SkyFi III has completed the reset it will flash quickly.
    3. Release the center button and SkyFi III will power down.
    4. SkyFi III has now been configured to its factory settings.

    (Note that this info should be in the Quick Start Guide that came with the SkyFi 3)



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    Bill, thanks for the instructions.  All is well now.

    BTW, I couldn't locate my Quick Start Guide which is on me, but I would have thought searching for "reset skyfi" would have taken me to the process.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Resetting the SkyFi III to factory defaults directions above.

    Aha! I thought I was going bonkers. The pdf I have says for Step 2. 'Press and hold the center button for 5 seconds, then release. etc' The emphasis is mine. 

    I had shelved my SkyFi III for the last month or so as I thought it was possessed as I couldn't properly reset it. 

    Thanks for the clarification. I will open another ticket re: How To Change the SSD Properly if I can't find the answer in the forums.



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    I have a new issue I need help with for my SKYFI III.  I'm setting up my observatory using ASCOM to run the dome and my scope using SNP7 or SS6 Pro.  My preferred method would be to us SkySafari Pro 6 from my phone with SkyFi.  However, when I connect my mount to SkyFi my ASCOM platform doesn't see the COM connection even when my PC is also connected to SkyFi.  ASCOM only sees the mount when its connected with a USB cable.

    Is there a driver for ASCOM to recognize SkyFi or something else I'm missing.  I thought if both the PC and phone were connected to SkyFi ASCOM would see the COM port and let me connect.  My ultimate goal is to be able to point my scope remotely and have the dome slaved to follow the mount.

    I'd really prefer to do all of this with the software/hardware I have and not have to invest in PRISM, The Sky X, or other such all inclusive programs at this time.




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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Steven, 

    See these KV articles here:

    If you still need help please create a new post, with a new subject line, in this community forum.


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