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Daytime Polar Alignment

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>>Ok, I see what they want you to do.  As I said previously you can turn the grid on by going to "Settings > Coordinates" and chose Equatorial.

To turn on Tetrad circles, go to "Settings > Telescope Display" and turn them on.  You will also have to turn on "Show even when not connected to scope" to have the visible when not connected to a scope.  They will stay centered on the screen.

Finally you will need to tap the "Compass" button in the toolbar to turn on the compass feature.  Note that taping the screen will turn it off again.

This might get you a rough polar alignment.  The problem is the digital compasses in smart phones are just not that accurate.  Expect 3-5 degrees of accuracy.  Having the phone near metal in the mount will cause further problems.<<

I believe this was for Skysafari 5 which is no longer available in the US App Store for iOS.

Which version of Skysafari 6 will support this article: "Daytime Polar Alignment Made Easy" Sky and Telescope May 19, 2017. I have downloaded the free Basic version of Skysafari 6 and it does not have these functions.


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    Bill Tschumy

    I believe either Plus or Pro should be able to do this.  The basic version doesn't have Telrad circles.

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