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This is a follow-up to your previous request #36453 "I couldn't find any answers..."

I know it’s been almost a year so I decided to send another request.
The short answer is my issues/requests have not been resolved/addressed.
I’m using an Ipad mini and occasionally my Iphone 6s on 17.5” and 8” dobs.
1. I still would like some changes made for the push to arrow. If the tool bar and scope control bars are up (which they have to be to use the push to function) it hides the arrow completely. I think the arrow is too small and blinks too slowly.(I’ve seen other comments on cloudy nights about this so I’m not alone). What if the arrow was in the middle of the screen and just stayed on until the selected object came into view and the object had a ring around it (or some other identifier that was obvious) that would stay lit up until the object or ring touched the arrow, Telrad or eyepiece circle? Having the arrow in the center makes it easy to locate every time by anyone.
2. The lock/unlock feature is still a pain. Moving the + and – icons together is better but if they were bigger it would make it easier to zoom without touching the screen and changing the lock.
What if when I swipe the screen to look around it locks the screen so I can find an object and select it and then when the program senses the scope moving it unlocks the screen?
3.Don’t care anymore.
4. It would still be nice if when I tell it to align it would. I noticed an odd thing where I align on something that is in the centering circles it accepts the command but the object doesn’t move under the crosshair.

You have an awesome program. Me calling it a program probably tells you I’m an old fart. So here’s my curmudgeon comment. Augmented Reality----- Really? Obviously this is neat for some people but I just don’t see the value when you could spend some time tuning up the functionality to make this truly dynamite. I and many people I talk to are frustrated with the current IT groups seemingly making change just to make change because they can or feel they have to only to make things slower and less friendly (Direct TV, Apple for example). Remember there are a bunch of old guys outside in the dark and cold trying to use this with bad eyes and cold stiff fat fingers. We need all the help we can get. Don’t forget about us when you are trying to attract new, young customers.

Thanks again,



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    Bill Tschumy


    I'm pasting in your previous requests for historical purposes:

    17.5 dob w/Sky Commander Ipad mini. SkySafari5 pro 1.When in push-to mode the arrow is hard to find sometimes, it disappears behind the scope control popup window, it disappears when the object hits the screen and won't reappear. It would be great if the arrow was larger and stayed on screen until the object was centered. Help? 2. If I pinch the screen it toggles the lock/unlock. Any way to change this? 3.Program crashes randomly and appears to change settings when it's restarted. 4.I align on Polaris and Arcturus w/Sky Commander, then try and realign close to Pluto and get the too far from position "Command Error". Any chance there will be a change to allow sloppier realignment?

    1. We still intend to improve the behavior of the arrow that guides you fro Push To.  We have been almost totally focused on getting SkySafari 6 out on iOS, Mac and Android this past year.  This has left us little time to deal with other enhancements.  I suspect something will happen on this front in the next several months.

    2. Pinch zoom does *not* Unlock the scope from being centered on-screen.  Only dragging does this.  However, I agree it is easy to accidentally do a small drag when doing pinch zoom.  Possibly we could define an amount and say you have to drag at least X pixels before it will unlock.  In the meantime I recommend you use the +/- buttons to change FOV.

    4. No, it is unlikely we will allow a sloppier alignment.  The alignment model will not be useful if we allow more sloppiness.  Are you sure you selected Pluto before trying to align?  A common user error is to push the scope to the new object and tapping Align without actually selecting the new object.

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