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[Bug - Needs Path To Reproduction ] Sky Safari 6 Pro Crashes When Centering Object When Connected To Celestron Wifi Adaptor (Unresolved)

Running Sky Safari 6 Pro for Android on Google Pixel XL 2 with the latest Android OS and updates

Steps to reproduce:

Connect to Celestron Wifi Adaptor direct
Search Tonight's Best for an object
Select Object to see details
Click on Center Object button to see where the object currently appears

Application crashes


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    Bill Tschumy

    This sounds like something we do all the time (although maybe not connected to the Wi-Fi adapter).

    1. Do you have to be connected to the adapter to get the crash?

    2. Does this happen with all objects in Tonight's Best or only a particular type?

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    Brad Weaver

    I don't get the crash unless I am using the app connected to the telescope via the Celestron Wifi adaptor.  I have the adaptor set to Direct connection mode.

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    Bill Tschumy

    Just as a test, could you try rebooting the device before trying this?  I'm wondering if we are getting an out of memory error.

    After the crash, could you send me a Android Log File using the "Help > Email Log File" feature?  That will help narrow it down.  You can't attach non-images to posting here so yo will have to email it to "".  Be sure to add some text so I know what it is.


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