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Request to Reconsider the license model

To the developers

Hoi I am fan of your product and running SkySafari 5 pro on my Mac, iPad Pro and Android phone, and my astro PC Windows 10 which is connecting to my scope i must do it with Cart du Ciel. Two questions When will there be and windows 10 version i thin there is big market anyway on the dutch starparties you see that in the field only windows laptops are used you can count them on one finger ;-). But  the most Pain from me is the price to upgrade to the laatste version, is more than 120$ som of the named device above. I did this already one time from 4 to 5. Beside not really new function to 6 oke, Augmented Reality Stargazing on the IPAD thats cool. Please question to reconsider your license model for user like me. For example you can upgrade your version for free if you have LiveSky which gives really added value to the subscription. Like for example Adobe photography subscription or weer&Rader you can you use your software on five device by generating a code. I have no problem to pay 50 euros for upgrade or have subscription for reasonable price, but i like to have the same version on all my devices which run different OS. I hope you can do something with this feedback Thanks Chris Alberts

I toke the topic because i don't  know where to place it otherwise

Hoop this helps

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    Bill Tschumy


    Thanks for your feedback.  We are limited in our licensing models by what Google Play and the iTunes App Store provide.  It is a simple fact that we cannot continue to produce and support SkySafari without some sort of continuing revenue.  The app stores limit us to either coming out with a new app every two years or to implement some sort of subscription.  We polled our customers and the subscription idea was not as popular.  That is why we do what we currently do.

    We have considered SkySafari for Windows, but it would be a huge undertaking and we would be competing with some good freeware.  It is not at all clear it is a good business decision.  We will continue to consider it though.

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