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0 | Request To Add Social Sharing Of Observations And Deep Analytics

I really love the idea of LiveSky and see so much potential here!  One thing I'd like to be able to do would be to share my observing notes and see others' notes on objects that they've logged, especially on those not-so-common objects that I tend to observe; it's really hard to find anything about these dimmer objects online.  

Along these lines, I think it would be cool to have a > More button below the Trending Targets so we could get past the M31/Saturn/Mars that will inevitably always be near the top when they're up.  I want to see objects that people are viewing that I wouldn't necessarily expect.

Thanks for creating this new product, this is sooo much better than the old Google Drive way of syncing.  

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    Dave Whipps


    Really glad to hear it, and thanks for the suggestions. Note that you CAN share observations already (admittedly only one at a time, and manually) by clicking the "Share" arrow in your list of observations. You can send the share link to anyone and they can see your notes, and a view of the object in the web app.

    (I realize that's not exactly what you're asking for, but it's what's available right now.)

    We're planning on a number of other features in the coming months. Stay tuned!

    - Dave


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