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I've go a lxd55 mount and want to use Starry Night

I've had starry night special Orion edition that came with my astrograph and would like to use it with SGPro also is this possible?  I've never had my lxd55  connect to starry night in 4 yrs. I try to get it to connect and get frustrated and leave it alone for a while then try again to connect and the saga continues . I've got another lxd55 mount and want to try it on this mount. Is there anyone who will walk me through the setup and connection via Teamviewer13 , I don't just don't know why t's so hard to just get it to connect.


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    Tim Campbell

    As I recall... the Autostar handbox is not listening for a serial connection until after it has completed the star alignment.  

    You also need a serial cable with the correct pin-outs for a Meade Autostar #497.  


    Having the correct cable is important because there have been a few variations on it (meaning you can get what *appears* to be the correct cable... but isn't.)


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    Thank you for your reply Tim , I've had it connected to Stellarium and SGpro and it works but, I would like to try Starry night and see if it has as many glitches as Stellarium , I remote from inside and  since getting my moonlite mini v2 autofocuser . I need to stay inside before it gets into winter instead of going out every filter change.


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