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LiveSky | CSV Problems And Suggestions

I have been working with Livesky's CSV export feature to move my observations into another program (Astroplanner) that I use for planning observing sessions.  I've noticed some problems (bugs) and areas for improvement in the CSV files that Livesky produces, so I wanted to list those here:

(1) In my most recent CSV export, the majority of the observations were totally missing the "equipment" field.  This was not an issue with other exports I have performed, so I am not sure what was causing it.  But I had to manually add this information to almost every observation in the file.  The equipment was showing fine when I viewed the observations in Livesky (and in the SS6 for Android app, which is the one I use).

(2) In the ID field, the CSV file contains multiple ID numbers for double stars (sometimes half a dozen of them), which makes importing into another application impossible.  I think it would be preferable to have a single ID number in that field and other ID numbers in a separate field.

(3) Similarly, planets and the sun have a number in the ID field (looks like 0 for the sun, 4 for Mars, etc.).  This is not a designation likely to be recognized by other programs, nor even helpful to someone looking at the observations in Excel.  I think the planet names would be preferable.

(4) The telescope, eyepiece and optical aid are all merged into a single field in the CSV file, when I think it would be much better to separate each piece of equipment into a separate field. 

(5) I think I have seen someone else request this, but I also think it would be good to have the option to have the date in UT or local time instead of just Julian.  Again, someone looking at the data in Excel would be unlikely to make sense of the Julian dates.

(6) It would also be helpful to allow the CSV files to use a tab or other character, besides a comma, to separate the fields.  This would resolve the problem of many fields with commas in them having to be in quotation marks, and would give greater flexibility and ease for someone using the CSV files.





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    Chris Willis

    Just as an update to this problem, in my latest CSV export, the equipment field was missing in all of the observations, which means I had to add it manually to every observation.  




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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Chris!  We will review this request as we build LiveSky into Starry Night 8.  Can't say if or when for sure.  And, suggest that you also ask AstroPlanner developers to support OAL.

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