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SkyFi+SkySafari6+Ultima 2000

I used to use SkySafari3 w/SkyFi (StarSeek), iPhone and my trusty Celestron Ultima 2000, but sadly this no longer works.

*SkySafari3 included Ultima 2000 Scope compatibility, but is no longer compatibile with iOS 11/12.
*The SkyFi/StarSeek WiFi module IS compatible with the Ultima 2000 as noted in the article "Overview - Telescope Compatibility - Using SkyFi with Other Software" but....
*SkySafari6 Plus no longer includes the Ultima 2000 in the list of Scope Types (it has been removed since version 3 I believe).

Question:  Can you recommend any options to control the Ultima 2000 wirelessly using the SkyFi/Starseek module using iphone/IOS (preferred) or PC software option?
Is there any possible chance the Ultima2000 Support that was used in SkySafari 3 for IOS could be reinstated in a SkySafari6 update?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Rainer, 

    Support for the Celestron Ultima will not be included in SkySafari 6.  It was dropped in SkySafari 4 (as you said).  Your possible solutions are as follows:

    1. Find an older iPad/iPhone, and try to install iOS 10 or earlier.  A local computer shop might be able to help you do this.  Then install SkySafari 3, and carry on as you did before - but don't update the iOS again.

    2. Get Starry Night Pro 7 (or Starry Night Pro 8 which is coming end of 2018) for Windows OS.  You can control your Ultima via Ascom.


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