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Sky Safari 6 Pro On Android and Deep Space Digital Setting Circle Box with a Bluetooth Connection

I just bought this software and would like to use it with an old Deep Space Navigator DSC box. The box was typically RS232'ed to a PC running DOS software. I would like to modify the box for a Bluetooth conneciton to my android (or just buy an RS232 to Bluetooth converter).

Using an oscilloscope, I can see the box only responds to a "Q" command. It returns an "N" (followed by the binary positions of the 2 encoders). I don't think the resolution can be set. Is there/can this be supported in the android app? It does not appear the box responds to any commands except for "Q".  Its only return is a "N" with the values of the encoders.  How can I get this to work?  Thanks, Jeff

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    Bill Tschumy

    I'm sorry but I don't think we can provide support for this.  This will involve some time consuming hacking.  I don't know for sure but this likely uses the BBox protocol which we use for the "Basic Encoder System" scope type.  If there is an RS-232 interface to the Seep Space Navigator then you should be able to use a Bluetooth to RS-232 converter like our SkyBT.  You could also use something like our SkyFi 3 to talk to the box via Wi-Fi.

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