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Fine Slew Adjustment

I am using Starry Night Pro and I am using it to control by scope which is Celestron 8 Evolution Mount.  I have the ASCOM Drives loaded and everything works great but I have not figured out how too manually adjust the slewing (fine tune center etc) without having to use the hand control in Starry Night Pro.  I am remoting into my PC from indoors using VNC so I need to be able to center an object using Starry Night Pro.  The goto function works great but since I am going to start imaging, I may need to fine tune a few things in the slew.  I tried installing NexRemote but it won't install on Windows 10 machine.

Is there some kind of controls in Starry Night Pro to do that or possibly in the ASCOM Utilities?


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    Conrad Sanders

    Any Updates to my question?

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