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help for someone who is technology challenged

I wanted to know if there is some way to see the stars and constellations in the software by adding an address or latitude longitude in a field? 
I am trying to make a gift for friends and want to use their home address to find the stars/night sky in their area. Is it possible? (See attached for idea of what I am trying to make). I will need to print a high resolution image of the stars. Also, I am not very tech savvy...I am not sure I understand but is this an app I download on my phone or can download on my computer? I want to generate high resolution prints from the sky views and not sure how to do it. Hope to get some help soon. Thank you

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    The Earth is spinning, so the stars in the sky would appear to change in position pretty much around Polaris( the North Star).


    The thing you could do, is possibly find out where they were born, including the date and time.

    Then use that as the criteria to create the poster or picture, maybe their house faced South or North, use that as the view?


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