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Connection between Ekos and Skysafari and SynsCan app

Hi SkySafari Team,

Thanks a lot for your work. Your softs looks amazings :)
I use Kstars with wireless connection to an INDIserver on a Raspberry Pi to control my scope. All this on a Macbook (I love Linux/OsX).
I would like to move to SkySafari in place of Kstars, so here are my questions :

1 - Could Skysafari converse with the Indiserver of my Raspberry Pi to continue wireless scope control ? (I know I could give an IP adress and a port, but Indiserver is support by Skysafari ?)

2 - I've seen that Skywatcher offers a Synscan wi-fi adapter ( which is support by your Skysafari apps. Does this item is support too by the Skysafari version on Macbook ?

Thanks a lot for your replies,



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