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What's New in SkySafari 6 for Android (Version Release History)

What's new in 6.2.0


• Incorporated Wolfgang Steinicke's 2019 updates to his NGC/IC database.
• Added better support for having multiple observations of an object in an observing list.
• In observing lists, you can now chose to show all objects, only observed objects, or only unobserved objects.
• When attaching an observation to an observing list, we now show two sections of lists. Those lists that already contain the object and those that don't.
• Added a Quasar type to the Planner for searches.
• In Pro, added the ability to toggle the extension databases between Active and Inactive states.
• For equatorial Celestron Wi-Fi mounts, you now are given the option of doing an All-Star Polar Alignment (ASPA) after a star alignment.
• Fixed a problem with StarSense alignment when using Celestron Wi-Fi.
• Fixed a few issues with the display or editing of times in observations and sessions.
• Improved performance syncing data with LiveSky.
• Various other performance and stability changes.


What's new in 6.1.0


• Added option to have rectangular custom fields of view.
• In the Observation screen you can now display the info for the object or center the object in the main chart.
• In the Observations screen, we no longer show sessions without any observations.  We also show the number of observations in sessions that do have observations.
• When associating an observing list with an observation, we now show all observing lists rather than just those that contain the object.  If the chosen list doesn't have that object in it, we give you the option to add it.
• There is a new option in the Object Info's more button to show all observing lists containing the object.
• In the Date/Time Picker dialog, there is now a "Now" button to set the date/time to the current time.
• Improved resizing of H-R Diagram.
• Fixed bug where Tilt-to-Slew didn't work if you didn't have compass hardware.
• Various UI changes
• Various modifications for compatibility with soon to be released Starry Night 8.


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