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Unable to make connection from SkySafari to old Orion Sirius via Skywire cable

I have an Orion Sirius that is running SynScan v2.05 (older version made in 2006). I want SkySafari 6 Pro on iOS to be able to control it. I purchased this: cable and have not been able to successfully connect.

My connection is

iPhone -> skywire lighting cable to RS232 -> RS232 cable to SkyScan v2.05 handset -> cable from handset to Orion Sirius mount

On the handset I activated RS232 mode in the settings and on my iPhone SkySafari I selected Orion Sirius as the telescope type and am not able to make a connection.

What did I do wrong?

Also, can I use EQMOD to make a viable connection from SkySafari to the Orion Sirius mount? If so, which EQMOD cable would I need? I don't see EQMOD as an option in the telescope types on SkySafari's settings so does SkySafari support EQMOD?


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    Bill Tschumy


    I apologize that no one ever responded to you.  Looking at the SynScan code, we do have comment that we require at least version 2.2 of the firmware.  Since you have 2.05, that could be the problem.  That said, I don't recall people having an issue with SynScan and old firmware.  You might look into whether you can update the firmware.

    No, we do not currently support EQMOD.  We have implemented much of the support needed but have not yet released it.  Maybe someday.

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