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0* | SkySafari Web Search Engine Auto Completes Input Far Too Quickly And Request For Wildcard

2 separate issues in searching LiveSky:

1) If I pause briefly while entering a search, less than 1 sec, the search runs on what I've entered so far. It's far too fast. Can the time be lengthened or just set so that there's no search before hitting [Enter]? The way it's working now I have to start from scratch after one of these rapid searches fails. The search term isn't retained and editable in the search box the way it is in SkySafari 6 on Android. Frustrating.

2) I'm seeing odd results on constellation names. If I search for "iota" alone there are no hits. "Iota tri" using the standard abbreviation for Triangulum, also gives no hits. But "iota tra" matches on Triangulum Australae. It would be easier if the search responded as a wild card based on what's entered: "alpha can" could return alpha of Canis Major, alpha of Canes Venetici, alpha of Cancer, etc, and let the user pick from them. If someone enters a proper unique 3 letter abbreviation like cnc for cancer then the search should act on that unique match.

I'm using Google Chrome on a Chromebook.



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