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Add F8 Hide All Controls (Total Immersion) Option

Please include a key stroke to make all screen info disappear for complete immersion in "Fullscreen" view-

this would add a great deal more aesthetic value to this already beautiful app!

Thank you,

Joseph L., Ark Inv.



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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you Joseph for your feedback!  Let's see what e can do.

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    I could not agree more.  In fact, I requested the F8 key (Hide All Controls) be restored back when Starry Night Pro Plus 7 was released.  Until then, as far as I can recall, it was included in every prior version of Starry Night Pro (and I've pretty much owned each version).  Ironically, when your select  the "Export Sky View" (as an image), option under the File menu (at least on the Mac version), it does exactly that -- the controls are not included in the saved image.  If they are not wanted in an image, why not include the option to hide them, manually, as well?  

    The chief problem I run into is when I use Starry Night during a talk, projecting it onto a screen in a darkened room.  Immediately, the white search field in version 7 becomes glaring.  It's an eyesore.  And the other controls are, at best, distracting.  To show just how much nicer things appear when you are able to hide the controls, here are two screen shots I took, one with SNP+ version 7, which does not permit the controls to be hidden, and one with version 6, which does.

    Version 7, which has no F8 key (Hide All Controls) option:

    and Version 6, with the F8 key (Hide All Controls) engaged:

    One example where the ability to hide the controls is especially helpful is when I simulate an ISS (or other satellite) pass onscreen that we are about to go outside and see and I ask the audience to try to spot it.  Hiding the controls lets the audience experience the night sky as they will see it with their own eyes when the ISS begins it pass some 20 minutes or so later when we go outside.  

    This is why I still use SNP version 6 for my talks.  It would be really nice to use the current version eventually. 

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