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unable to connect LX200 ACF to skyfi/Skysafari

I have a new 10" LX200 ACF and am trying to connect to Skyfi via the R232 port. (using Skysafari on my iPhone connected to the Skyfi network both with auto detect on and off). I keep getting the same "connection error, Skysafari Pro can't make a wireless connection to the scope…" I am using the meade #507cable connector kit that I use to use to connect my PC to the R232 port. The connector attaches to the Skfi unit via the nine pin connector. What am I doing wrong?

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    Bill Tschumy

    If the message really is "SkySafari Pro can't make a wireless connection to the scope", then the problem is not with your hand controller or serial cable.  This is saying SkySafari can't even talk to the SkyFi unit.  Are you sure you joined the SkyFi network?  If so, while connected, can you tap the "SkyFi Settings Web Page" in the Scope Setup screen and have it display the SkyFi settings?

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