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Does SkySafari 6 Plus/Pro On Android Now Work With The SynScan Wi-Fi Adaptor Module? (Answer: Native Support Is Coming But For Now You Still Need To Run The SkyWatcher Android App And Have SkySafari Talk Through It)

Can you please confirm whether I can use the Android version of Sky Safari 6 plus with skywatcher star discovery AZ WIFI go to mounting ?


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    Bill Tschumy

    You still need to run the SkyWatcher app and have Skysafari talk through it.  We hope to have native support for the SynScan Wi-Fi unit in a couple of months.  Our development has been side tracked by another project that has come up.

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    How does skysafari 6 "talk through it"? I've got the synscan app pro working correctly. Skysafari recognizes the wifi but gives me an error message stating the mount selection is wrong. I've gone through and selected every available mount option under the Skywatcher subfolder menu. Nothing works.

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