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GAIAStars2.skydat created in two locations

For unknown reasons the GAIAStars2.skydat file has been created on two locations on my hard disk by SkySafari 6 Pro : in the Library / Application Support folder of the system and in my own Library / Application Support folder.

I would not mind if these files had not a size of 1.65 GB !!!!

These files are linked to the database extensions of SkySafari but there is probably one too much.

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    Bill Tschumy


    I'm not really sure about this.  Do you have the application installed in "/Applications" or in "<home directory>/Applications"?  It may be that Apple placed the data in the system Library or your personal Library depending on where the app resides.  I'm pretty sure that during my testing it always ended up in my home directory.

    I would rename one of them and restart the app and see if the data is still found.  If it is not then revert the name and try renaming the other.  After you figure out which is getting used, you can probably delete the other.

    I would appreciate your letting us know what you found after your experiments.

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