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SkySafari Pro 6 vs Starry Night Pro 8?

I've been an active SkySafari6 Pro user for a little while, and have been really enjoying the software. I use it for slewing, and gathering data, and have also purchased the available addon's. I noticed that Simulation Curriculum now owns Starry Night, which is also software I've looked at over the years. I never bothered with Starry Night Pro for a couple reasons, one is the cost, the other is that there was a lack of support since at the time, there was no active development. With the release of Starry Night Pro 8, I was excited to see this project rejuvenated, especially by the creators of SkySafari.

My big question is, what is the defining differences between Sky Safari Pro 6, and Starry Night Pro 8? I've noticed that there is plugin support in SNP (such as MaximDL), and it supports Windows, but other than that, what should I know as a SSP6 user about SNP8, and is it worth the ~400%+ increase in cost?

I'm hoping I placed this post in the right thread, as the only threads I see are specific to either one or the other.


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    Keiron Smith

    SkySafari 6 Pro is very much an advanced observers toolkit.  Everything you want is built into the streamlined, well considered, user interface for mobile devices.  This you already know.

    Starry Night Pro 8 is also an advanced observers toolkit, but also includes, for one, the best in-class planetarium experience.

    Here is a near complete list of everything in SN8.

    With the release of V8 LiveSky will backup and cloud sync your data across both Starry Night 8 and SkySafari 6 on iOS, Android, macOS and Android.

    There is tons more to SN8.

    I'll leave it at that.  Our community members can also share their experience.


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    Michel Audette

    uhmmm... not sure the questions was answered....  I'm wondering the same.  I watch the video, seems like a music video.  Not sure it told me anything.  Can someone elaborate further please?



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Michel, 

    SkySafari was developed first for mobile devices: iOS, Android and then also ported to macOS.

    Starry Night has, for more than 20 years, always been desktop software: Windows & macOS

    Those are the main differences.  

    Want an app for your mobile device?  Get SkySafari.  

    Want an app for desktop computers?  Get Starry Night.

    As Starry Night could, for 20 years, use the power of advanced desktop graphics cards, the planetarium experience is superb.

    SkySafari graphics are great too, but was never the focus, and mobile was, for a long time, not as graphically powerful.

    Look at the comparison chart for each and decide if the one you're buying includes the features you want.  There is a LOT of overlap.  

    I'm going to keep it simple and leave it like that.

    Mobile vs Desktop.



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