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Cannot Access Download for Special Edition

I recently purchased a Celestron travel scope 70 and went online to download the Starry Night Special Edition. However, the page is not allowing the 'Access Download' button to retrieve a file/download of any sort it just continues to endlessly load the page. I have the download code, but no order number or Registration number because I can't gain access to the file. The attached screenshot is as far as I get through the process.

If there is a download limit hit, I do not know. I have used both Chrome and Firefox to attempt to access the download and have gotten no further than this. Any help would be appreciated. I also apologize if this is the wrong forum to attend to this matter, I wasn't sure which one to apply it to.

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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    HI Sven, 

    I'm making this into a private ticket for further troubleshooting.


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